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Tips and links for parents

Ideas for home study

Share projects on Facebook/Google classroom

Give your room a virtual makeover.  

  1. To do this you will need to measure and work out the area of your walls and floors.

  2. Cost up your paint/wallpaper/carpet/flooring. Work out how much you will need to cover these and allow for mistakes.

  3. Write a proposal for your redesign. Remember you need to not only justify your makeover but persuade your family why you must have it.

  4. Design a mockup of your room - remember layout, colours and accessories. Label everything. 

  5. Track all your costs Keep a spreadsheet showing what you bought and spent. 

  6. For special items include a justification for why you have included this item.

  7. The bank has come back to you on this design and cut your budget. You now have only $1000 to redesign and decorate your bedroom. This includes furniture.

  8. Present this however you want - Design board, Powerpoint.

Statistics - Insects in a sector 

  1. Cut out the bottom of an icecream container or two

  2. Place the containers around the backyard/front yard/playground/deck/verandah.

  3. Over a period of half an hour per container write down what insects go in, through and out of each container

  4. Count how many insects of each type go in, through and out.

  5. Make a chart for each container and collect your data

  6. Take a photo of where your containers are placed, if possible and share on Facebook

  7. Label what data belongs to each container.

Design a school uniform for Massey Primary School

Imagine our school is getting a uniform. What colour would it be? What materials would you use? Below is a list of things you need to consider and what you will need to show.

  1. What clothing items will you include? - shorts, skirts, pants, polo shirts, tops, jumpers or jackets. List all your items for boys and girls and what items they will need to have.

  2. Think about the materials you will use. The material will need to be durable(hardwearing), warm/cool, fashionable and affordable. 

  3. Draw your design for each item.

  4. Cost up your design - how much material - cost per metre, cotton etc.

  5. Write up a blurb about your uniform - explaining your design and materials used.

  6. Design an ad to sell your uniform.

            Design a fitness circuit around your house

  1. Have a look at what you have in your garage and around your house that could be used for equipment i.e. old chairs, bikes, planks, stumps.

  2. Place the equipment around the house.

  3. Put a note by each about what you have to do and how many times.

  4. Have a competition with others in your household to see who can do the most and who can go the fastest (without cheating).

  5. Share your fitness circuit with us on our Facebook page

                Cooking - Designer lunches

  1. Get the measurements of a typical lunch box.

  2. Figure out what you could put in there

  3. Make a variety (examples below)

    1. lolly lunchbox, 

    2. healthy lunchbox

    3. Hot lunchbox

    4. Fruit lunchbox

    5. Cake lunch box

    6. Asian lunch box

    7. Pasifika lunchbox

    8. European (as in Continent of Europe)

    9. Australian

    10. American

    11. South American

    12. Russian

    13. Or anything else you can think of

  4. Find out what 5 of these lunch boxes might look like

  5. Make them, where possible or cut out photos from magazines or pamphlets

  6. Take photos and share on Facebook.

How much is that ________________ in the window?

Pick a pet, any pet that you have always wanted. Find an image and brainstorm everything you will need to know, or get to keep this pet safe and happy. You will need to..

  1. Name your pet - give an explanation as to why you choose this name

  2. Write a letter to persuade your parents why you should be allowed to have this pet.

  3. What do you need to know, and what do you need to know about how to keep your new pet healthy

  4. What do you need to buy?

  5. What food does it need and where will you get it from?

  6. How will you pay for the pet and everything you will need to care for it.

  7. If you’re paying for it by doing chores - create a poster showing what chores you will do and how much you will charge for each task.


  1. Rewrite the end of a story

  2. Interview a character from one of your favourite characters - aim for deep rich questions

  3. Write a story where you character learns about one of our values/virtues

                    A library in my house

  1. If you could build a library in your house what books would you have.

  2. Figure out a way to put books in your virtual library and share it on Facebook, in google class room with your teacher, with an explanation of what you have chosen and why.

Link to Rm 14 work